Creative Bats is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We focus on two key pillars, blue sky thinking and collaboration is key and we thrive on positivity.

We know it has been said but we truly believe anything is possible. Our open minded approach and our two key pillars allow us to create an infinite number of possibilities. We are a collective of creative professionals who collaborate with like-minded organisations to create the ultimate solution to meet our client’s needs.

Creative Bats offers a multitude of design and creative concepts. Offering services such as graphic design, web design & development, environmental design, package design, signage and commercial photography.

As mentioned anything is possible. 

Creative Bats specialises in branding, from conception through to public perception, working with clients to form the foundations of their brand strategy and aesthetic, while conceptualising its identity. Outcomes include logo design, print media, web and app design and campaign rollout, packaging and other collateral.

In order to create the ultimate outcomes we ask you allow us to experience a full immersion of your business. We desire to understand your goals, culture and values, what drives you forward, what your public perception is, what your internal perception is and anything else that can help us create.

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1. Quotations For Work

Creative Bats makes every effort to be demonstrate value and aim to estimate as accurately as possible. We prefer a quote based system on the scope of work but require all objectives be clearly laid out. It may occur that extra inclusions or alterations to a project will happen later in the projects lifespan due to the request of the client. We will approach these with either an alternative quote or at an agreed rate. If for any unforeseeable reason it is deemed necessary to go beyond the time allocated then we will communicate with you where appropriate and re-quote. Our quotes and estimates are based on the initial concept or draft, then 2 sets of clients revisions. In some cases the client may request further changes due to a change of heart or inspiration to seek a new direction. Depending on what stage of the project additional time will also be billed at an hourly rate or an additional quote. At the end of the day we are human and our objective is to find the right outcome for your project, so we can always approach things with an open mind and work with you through moments of indecision. To minimise our carbon footprint we will only send quotes online and we ask for a written response rather than verbally. It will be implied on agreeing to a quote that the client has read our terms and conditions. This acknowledgment is considered permission to commence work or to proceed with amendments. We keep timesheets and all records of written communication. Quotes and estimates are based on a price + GST.

2. Instructions and Assets

We prefer instructions to be given in writing, generally via email or meeting with us. Where only verbal instructions are received, all care is taken but ultimately Creative Bats will not be held responsible for errors or omissions due to misinterpretation of those instructions. If we proceed based on an instruction by you, either verbally or in writing, an invoice will be issued at the start of the job. At a progress stage or stages and the completion. This may vary depending on size and scope but generally speaking it will be 50% upfront then 25% progression and 25% completion. If you have any existing logos it is preferred that they be supplied in Adobe Illustrator / EPS format, original source files or editable digital formats. Please understand that we care about your brand identity. So if you happen to supply us with pixelated JPG or EPS files we may need to retrace your logo to meet our standard of quality. Therefore a fee may incur for the time allocated. In the instant where the client provides us with content for items such as websites, brochures, business cards or forms we ask that all text be typed and supplied in a common text editor. If copy is not provided in a digital format there may be a fee allocated to re-writing copy. All care will be taken, but the onus will be on the client to check and double check copy before we go to print. We ask that you kindly provide all assets to Creative Bats before the job starts so there is no interruption to work flow. If we find ourselves sourcing stock images due to poor quality assets there will be a search fee. All images where necessary must be supplied in digital format i.e. Vector EPS/AI for logos and high resolution large file size JPGs for photos. 

3. Additional Work

We are very transparent and believe communication is the forefront of any good relationship. However, Creative Bats reserves the right to charge for any additional work requested outside of the agreed brief and quote. Nothing will ever be sprung on the client and we will focus on an open line of communication throughout the project duration. We ask for the same respect in return. Please keep in mind that during the course of a project, where you are asking for multiple changes or we have to follow up a contacts or client request, it will all add up. We value yours and our time at a premium.
So please respect this and be aware that we wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything for us for free. Having said that we will keep you across everything and discuss all cost associated with additions upfront.

4. Urgent Work

In the powerful words of the great Sinead O’Conner ‘Nothing compares to you’ and we totally agree. At Creative Bats we run a fair and balanced working schedule and in the instant that you need emergency work completed, bring your request to the front of our working queue, we may at our discretion, charge an extra fee. Naturally this disrupts the normal work flow and may put time pressure on other client’s projects. Please note with urgent work comes added pressure and rushed work can be prone to error and omissions. We assure you that our best care will be provided however the onus will be on you to check all work.

5. Approval

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and offer the utmost care on each and every project. However whilst all the care in the world may be taken we are only human and errors can occur. We trust that you as the Client has the final responsibility for final approval. Do NOT approve anything you haven’t checked! Creative Bats cannot be liable for any final work approved by client and released for production. As much as we love hearing approval to keep the project flowing we request you give it to us in writing – we would prefer email if possible to keep aligned with our eco views. If for some reason you are working or living deep beneath Gibraltar and a phone call is the only method of approval be warned that poor communication can lead to errors. No job will go into production without your permission or approval. Creative Bats will not be liable for any errors found once approval has been issued due to a verbal approval. We take all the care we humanly can and keep your best interest at the forefront of every project, but after approval we are not responsible for any content errors that are picked up in post production. If by chance you go on vacation and happen to forget about us say for 30 days and your project stalls, we will be forced to close off your project. You will be billed to the point of work completed. An invoice will be generated to date. You can reopen your project with us at a later stage. All new invoices will only be relevant to the new work.

6. Payment, Terms, Fees & Charges

As mentioned our preferred method is to quote a job but if you prefer to operate at an hourly rate. Our studio rate is $120+gst per hour unless otherwise agreed or stated. All prices, quotes and invoices are in Australian Dollars. Creative Bats will invoice the client for the quoted value of the work plus any additional charges that have occurred in the duration of the project we reserve the right to hold material till after final payment is received. Depending on the nature and size of the job we usually request and upfront payment of 50%. This deposit covers the production cost and allows us to perform to the best of our nature. We usually request a further 25% as a stage payment and final payment at completion. Payments in full may be requested before artwork or printing is released. We record time in increments of 0.5 hrs (30 minutes). EFT bank transfers are our preferred method of payment. The suspension of the project by the client for any reason, shall entitle Creative Bats to payment in full for the amount of work completed to date. Projects are generally billed hourly, quoted, or other as outlined in an agreement. Once an invoice has been generated, you have the right to question any item contained within. As mentioned we are human and if there is anything that needs to be discussed regarding an error or a dispute we will approach the matter respectfully and diligently.

6.1 Payment Terms

At Creative Bats we have never received terms on our grocery shopping. So we ask you respect that we are providing a service to you. Our terms are 7 days however we completely understand that life happens. We are open to negotiation in terms or payment plans for special circumstances. Cash flow keeps the business alive so if payments are consistently late above 30+ days, this will result in no action on any of your requests until the full outstanding amount(s) is paid. Legal action may be sort thereafter. We would really like this to never happen so can everyone please play nice.

6.2 Chargeable Items 

There are so many moving parts to any design project and anything can be deemed chargeable at the discretion of the director.  Where a project related task involves using our studio time, staff, resource or expertise we deem it chargeable. Chargeable items can include (but are not limited to): Concept development (even if it doesn’t go into production); creative graphic design; document layout; image, content creation, colour and font research and manipulation; technical artwork setup; printing; web coding; troubleshooting web related issues; web research if related to the job; client directed changes; draft creation; professional advice; logo retracing; purchase of stock images and font licences.

6.3 Other Expenses 

We will do everything to outline what is required but other expenses may include hiring an external supplier such as: copywriter; proofreader; illustrator; photographer; image scanning; job related data entry; typing out documents not supplied digitally; physical portable storage devices; shipping and courier fees; on-site press checks; web/email hosting fees;

domain name registration fees; ongoing web site maintenance; search engine optimisation (SEO); research and testing new developments and technologies at your request; Attending – but not limited to – external activities at your request such as: on site visits/meetings; focus groups; and art directing other professionals. Any out-of-pocket expenses may be charged to cover time and costs involved such as air fares and accommodation (if appropriate). We will openly discuss this beforehand to approve any reasonable expense. Any copyright release fees if necessary; and any other reasonable request that requires our staff time or professional service. 

7. Copyright

Lets be clear Copyright is a nightmare. We need to tread very carefully here. The client indemnifies and agrees to keep Creative Bats indemnified against all liability, losses or expenses incurred by Creative Bats in any way directly or indirectly connected with any breach of copyright on materials supplied by you the client. In other words don’t give us shite that breaches copyright if you give us anything that breaches copyright or the law YOU pay the fine not us. So it is your responsibility for ensuring supplied properties (i.e.logos, images, text etc.) will not violate any law or regulations or infringe upon or violate the copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right(s) or confidential information of any third party, or violate any right of privacy. If these representations shall be untrue or this warranty is breached, client agrees to hold Creative Bats, as well as any of its’ officers, directors, employees and agents, from all liability, damages, losses, claims, actions, judgements, and costs, including legal fees, arising as a result of any infringement upon the rights of a third party. Creative Bats retains the right to all copyright and intellectual property relating to any artwork and creative concepts or ideas until payment in full is made, but retains the copyright and ownership of the actual digital files themselves unless otherwise agreed or a release fee is paid. Creative Bats is at all times the copyright owner of all native and editable digital files that we create from conception and are stored on our system. Such as: InDesign, illustrator, Photoshop and other native software formats. Any original website code is also copyright to us. Creative Bats is the owner of any unused creative output, all unused options, drafts, ideas and electronic artwork created on behalf of the client e.g.; logo designs that don’t get used by you, still belong to us. The client shall be the owner of the actual end product/collateral and content. (i.e. the final idea used, a printed brochure, any produced physical item, actual logo in use on actual collateral, a live website and content contained). Should Creative Bats present to you an original idea or design etc and you or another designer use the concept in a similar or identifiable way, without paying for our work, advice or intellectual property or a copyright transfer, this is strictly against our terms. You will either be invoiced for the use or legal action may be taken to stop you using it, we hate the thought of legal action. A price must be agreed upon before we spend our time on any work undertaken at your request. The general release of electronic files to the client is at the discretion of the director and more often than not, will be freely given for your use but Creative Bats still retain the copyright ownership to the digital file itself. Should you give our file to another designer without our permission, this is in breach of our terms and a copyright release should be requested. Should the client choose to cease business with Creative Bats  and wishes to buy the copyright and electronic file ownership, a copyright and complete ownership request is required in writing and incurs a $120+gst “copyright transfer fee” per job number, plus a basic retrieval fee of $50+postage for delivery of requested files. The client will only receive the files upon Creative Bats receiving payment.*For more detail on copyright visit - IP Australia, AGDA. Design Victoria for more information.

8. Confidentiality & Warranty

Your confidentiality is extremely important to us and therefore any of your details or sensitive information is strictly kept private. It is not shared with any other third party without your permission. Creative Bats will commit all resources necessary to complete your job, efficiently, within budget and deadlines. For any proven errors, breakdowns or malfunctions that were solely our fault, we will replace, reprint or discount your job depending on the scale of failure and negotiation with you. Everything is subject to negotiation, common sense and fairness.
Please remember we are normal and reasonable humans who want to do the best by you and for you.

9. Logo Trademark Research / Legal

Please note that Creative Bats does offer logo trademarking research but we find it nasty and will charge accordingly. We do recommend a legal practitioner for this complex service as we are not specialist in this field. We prefer to create. We will take all the care we can to provide original artwork but we do not assume responsibility or any liability in the event that a name, slogan or design conflicts in any way with an existing name, slogan or design. However in our naming service, we will go the extra mile researching name and business availability according to ASIC records. We do advise that a client registers their own COMPANY NAME with the appropriate registrars such as ASIC, before proceeding with a Creative Bats design project. We can walk you through these steps. 

10. Proof Reading

In our own SWOT analysis we shameless house proof reading as our weakness. We are creatives and with this comes some creative interpretations to spelling. While every effort will be made to ensure accuracy, it is recommended that you, the client, check everything as you are solely responsible for approving artwork BEFORE the job goes to production. Should the services of a professional proofreader be needed, Creative Bats can gladly recommend one on your behalf. We insert copy as supplied, and usually there are changes to be made. Please work with us in ensuring the right copy is supplied and signed off on before final production.